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Young Dillinger (1965) (MOD)

Young Dillinger (1965) (MOD)

Young Dillinger (1965) (MOD)

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Nick Adams (The Rebel) stars alongside Robert Conrad (The Wild Wild West) and Mary Ann Mobley (Get Yourself a College Girl) in this fast-paced action epic detailing John Dillinger's journey from youthful romantic to machine-gun-toting, bank-robbing, homicidal maniac. Cajoled by his girlfriend (Mobley) into robbing her father's business, young Dillinger (Adams) is caught and convinced to take the rap to protect her. Now an embittered young convict, Dillinger makes the acquaintance of "Baby Face" Nelson (John Ashley) and "Pretty Boy" Floyd (Conrad). Helping them break out of prison, Dillinger embarks on a crime spree that sees him quickly become public enemy number one. Completely caught up in a frenzy of thrills, parties and violence, Dillinger fails to see the nationwide noose that is tightening around his neck.