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The The World Flesh and The Devil (1959)

World, The Flesh and The Devil, The (1959)

The The World Flesh and The Devil (1959)


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Harry Belafonte stars as Pennsylvania coal miner Ralph Burton, who's trapped underground by a nuclear holocaust. When he finally manages to dig his way to the surface he discovers that everyone has died of radiation poisoning.Alone, he travels to New York City to try to find another living person. He establishes himself in the best penthouse, dines in the finest restaurants ... alone ... until he meets Sarah Crandall (Inger Stevens). Together they develop a tender, caring relationship and start plans to rebuild human civilization. But when they are joined by a third survivor, Benson Thacker (Mel Ferrer), the prejudice, envy and strife that destroyed the world quickly resurface within their community of only three.Based on the novel The Purple Cloud by M.P. Shiel and the story "The End of the World" by Ferdinand Reyher.


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