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The Woman Racket

Woman Racket, The

The Woman Racket

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During a raid, flatfoot Tom Hayes (Tom Moore) helps a "nice girl like" Julia (Blanche Sweet) "out of a place like this." Taking her out instead of arresting her, the two are quickly married, but perhaps too soon for the young bride. Yearning for the excitement of her speakeasy life, Julia falls back into her old ways against her husband's wishes. But the life she finds back in the gin joint is not what she expected, and Tom is in a race against time to save his errant wife. Overseen with a deft touch by Paul Bern, The Woman Racket is enhanced with both authenticity (an actual speakeasy was used) and sympathy. Sadly, the film would prove to be one of the last film appearances of D.W. Griffith Biograph player Blanche Sweet, a true original movie star whose career can be traced to the start of the artform. Film fans should keep an eye peeled for Ann Dvorak in an uncredited appearance as a chorus girl.

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Actors: Blanche Sweet, Tom Moore, John Miljan,

Directors: Albert H. Kelley,

Writers: Albert S. Le Vino, Fred Niblo Jr.,

Genres: Drama,

Format: MOD - SD,


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