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The Woman on Pier 13 (MOD)

Woman on Pier 13, The (MOD)

The Woman on Pier 13 (MOD)

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A future of happiness awaits San Francisco shipping executive Brad Collins (Robert Ryan) and his new bride (Laraine Day).Yet Brad's past could undo everything. Back in his days as a dockworker, he was an activist member of the Communist Party. Now the Party has resurfaced like a bad dream in Brad's life, putting the screws on and threatening to spill his past if he doesn't play ball and stir up a labor strike. In an era when some officials sought to weed out Communists real and imagined, Hollywood made numerous films that exploited the times. Among them: Big Jim McLain, Invasion USA, I Was a Communist for the FBI and this film - arguably the most hyperbolic of all - originally titled I Married a Communist.

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