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Without Orders (1936) (MOD)

Without Orders (1936) (MOD)

Without Orders (1936) (MOD)

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Wad "Million-Mile" Madison (Robert Armstrong) is the pilot you want flying your aircraft - sure and steady on the stick, his passengers' safety of utmost concern. Playboy stunt pilot Len Kendrick (Vinton Haworth), however, disregards caution and convention in pursuit of flight records and the ladies. J.P. Kendrick, Len's father and Wad's boss, orders Wad to clip Len's wings and train him to be a proper airline pilot. This teaching stint hits some turbulence when Len sets his sights on Kay Armstrong (Sally Eilers), a fetching flight attendant and Wad's girl. Throw in a dalliance with Kay's sister, Penny (Frances Sage), who holds a horrible secret that involves Len, and you have a picture that packs in a lot of sky-high drama under the steady direction of B-movie master Lew Landers (Pacific Liner).

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