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Wise Guys (MOD)

Wise Guys (MOD)

Wise Guys (MOD)

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In a change of pace from his offbeat thrillers and Hitchcock homages, Brian De Palma directed this blend of comedy and action starring Danny De Vito, Ray Sharkey, Joe Piscopo, and Harvey Keitel. Two low-rent New Jersey mobsters who are best friends are ordered to kill each other by a mob boss, but neither can bring himself to do the dirty deed. After stealing from a Mafia don (Dan Hedaya) and then trying to multiply their ill-gotten gains at the horse races, the twosome loses everything and must flee from hit men while trying to come up with enough cash to pay back the debt.

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Actors: Joe Piscopo, Danny Devito, Dan Hedaya, Harvey Keitel, Ray Sharkey, Captain Lou Albano, Patti Lupone,

Directors: Brian De Palma,

Writers: George Gallo, Norman Steinberg,

Genres: Comedy, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 1/01/1986,

Format: MOD - SD,


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