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Wise Girls (MOD)

Wise Girls (MOD)

Wise Girls (MOD)

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Father-and-son comedy veterans J.C. Nugent (Remote Control) and Elliott Nugent (The Male Animal) adapt and costar in this screen adaptation of their hit stage farce, Kempy. The Bence women are rapidly outspending retired Dad Bence's (J.C. Nugent) remaining savings. Dad's financial hopes are pinned on marrying middle daughter Kate (Norma Lee) off to enamored multimillionaire Duke Merrill (Roland Young), but the couple had a falling out two years earlier. With Kate's delusions of artistic ability coming between them yet again, she convinces plumber Kempy (Elliott Nugent) to marry her to get back at Duke. Disappointed that Kempy and not Duke is his new son-in-law, the increasingly irascible Dad tries to throw him out of the house, but Kempy has an ace in the hole no one knows about: the deed to the Bence family's home!

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