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The Winter Kill (1974 TV M) (MOD)

Winter Kill, The (1974 TV M) (MOD)

The Winter Kill (1974 TV M) (MOD)

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Six years after he completed his long run as Sheriff Andy Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show, the beloved TV star returned as a small-town lawman in Winter Kill. Griffith brought the same common sense and friendly, laconic style to his new role, but Police Chief Sam McNeill has something more challenging than Mayberry's town drunk to deal with: life-and-death mystery. The ski resort Sam protects is the target of a serial killer who leaves no clues except taunting messages spray-painted next to the bodies of his - or her - victims. Among the supporting cast, look for a fresh-faced Nick Nolte as a womanizing ski instructor.

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Genres: Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 4/15/1974,

Format: MOD - SD,


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