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Wild Orchids (MOD)

Wild Orchids (MOD)

Wild Orchids (MOD)

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"Long before the word charisma became a clich�, Garbo was its quintessence" (James Robert Parish and Ronald L. Bowers, The MGM Stock Company: The Golden Era). To generations of fans and critics, Greta Garbo is the screen's greatest actress, greatest beauty.and greatest mystery. The Swedish Sphinx conquered silents and talkies, and Wild Orchids showcases both her astonishing talent and her incomparable beauty. Garbo portrays Lillie Sterling, the neglected wife of an American businessman (Lewis Stone), who journeys into the exotic jungles of Java and into a steamy triangle of husband, wife and dashing plantation owner (Nils Asther). As passion flares, so does jealousy. Then the plantation owner and Lillie's husband embark on a tiger hunt...but the real prey may not be tigers.

Product Details

Actors: Greta Garbo, Lewis Stone, Nils Asther,

Directors: Sidney Franklin,

Writers: Hanns Kr�ly, Marian Ainslee, Richard Schayer, Ruth Cummings, Willis Goldbeck,

Genres: Silent,

Theatrical Release Date: 2/23/1929,

Format: MOD - SD,


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