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Where are your Children (MOD)

Where are your Children (MOD)

Where are your Children (MOD)

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When lonely 16-year-old Judy Wilson (Gale Storm) joins Danny Cheston (Jackie Cooper) at a local dance club, she winds up drunk and in custody when his pals secretly spike her drink. Continuing to meet Danny on the sly, she falls in love but is dumped and left alone when he heads off to join the Navy. Upset and desperate to see him, Judy accompanies his unsavory friends on a drive down to his base, unaware she's riding in a stolen car and is about to become an accessory to murder. Ballyhooed as "the first drama of Juvenile Delinquency to reach the screen," Monogram's Where Are Your Children is an example of the lurid "ripped-from-the-headlines" expos� the image-conscious major studios usually shied away from. Briskly directed by William Nigh, the film won the support of William Randolph Hearst, whose newspapers were ordered to publicize it as part of his anti-juvenile delinquency campaign.

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