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What A Blonde (MOD)

What A Blonde (MOD)

What A Blonde (MOD)

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Wealthy lingerie manufacturer F. Farrington Fowler (Leon Errol) has a problem: He's run out of gas coupons due to the rationing during World War II. With the aid of his rascally butler, Pomeroy (Richard Lane), he hatches a scheme to keep his limo running while Mrs. Fowler (Lydia Bilbrook) is out of town. Since carpooling qualifies for extra coupons, the plan is to hire people to ride with Fowler into New York City while they board at his mansion. One rider is a synthetic-silk inventor (Michael St. Angel) who's been trying to see Fowler for weeks. The other is Pat Campbell (Veda Ann Borg), a showgirl friend of Pomeroy's, who brings an entire troupe of dancing girls to room with her. Complications arise when Charles DaFoe (Clarence Kolb), a sanctimonious textile manufacturer whose business Fowler desperately needs, drops in for dinner and mistakes Pat for Mrs. Fowler. While Pomeroy and Fowler convince Pat to play along, the real Mrs. Fowler returns from her trip early. How will Fowler iron out this predicament?

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