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Wayne Morris Double Feature (MOD)

Wayne Morris Double Feature (MOD)

Wayne Morris Double Feature (MOD)

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Wayne Morris was the last of the B-Western movie stars, the hero of the final series of shoot-'em-ups Hollywood made. A rising star at Warner Bros., Morris left to serve in WWII, where he became a highly decorated combat pilot, flying 57 missions. Returning to the screen in adventure roles, he made the transition to B-Westerns with a six-film series bursting with shootouts, fistfights and blazing frontier action, and this hard-riding collection features two of his best. The Marksman (1953): A sharpshooting deputy marshal (Morris) goes undercover to track down a gang of killers wanted for cattle rustling. The Fighting Lawman (1953): A U.S. deputy marshal (Morris) enlists a bank robber's sister (Virginia Grey) to help him capture the gang, unaware she's a double-crossing blackmailer with plans of her own.

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