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Way Out West (1930) (MOD)

Way Out West (1930) (MOD)

Way Out West (1930) (MOD)

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City-slicker carnival barker Windy (William Haines) thinks he got all the angles covered when he swindles a group of cowboys with a rigged roulette wheel while running a sideshow out West. But Windy didn't count on two things - getting robbed by his leading attraction (Vera Marsh) and getting caught cheating by the cowboys. Windy is saved from an impromptu lynching by a rancher, Buck (Charles Middleton), who proposes that Windy work off his lost ill-gotten gains. While the cowboys take turns hazing Windy, he sets about romancing Buck's sister, Molly (Leila Hyams). Equal parts slapstick and sly innuendo, Way Out West doesn't shy away from including heart-stopping suspense, ferocious fisticuffs and high-end on-location stunt sequences between the laughs.

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