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The Warren William Collection

Warren William Collection, The

The Warren William Collection

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If 1930s Hollywood needed a man's man who was at ease mixing a martini at a penthouse, the call could go out for Warren William. The star shows his range in three flicks that helped audiences forget the Depression. In The Woman from Monte Carlo, William plays a lieutenant who hides his commander's wife in his stateroom. Courtroom thrills ensue. Then, insurance conman William has advice for New Yawk's guys and dolls: Don't Bet on Blondes. He tries to woo a fair-haired stage star he's guaranteed won't head for the altar from the arms of marriage-minded Errol Flynn. And William gets more laughs as the Times Square Playboy, whose bumpkin pal does not approve of the sophisticate he's about to wed. Of these three brash and breezy Warner Bros. gems, you'll heartily approve.

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