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Viva Knievel! (MOD)

Viva Knievel! (MOD)

Viva Knievel! (MOD)

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He's powered his Harley over autos, Mack trucks, snarling lions and seething infernos, and plummeted headlong into a canyon. But if the mob has its way, his next incredible leap will land him six feet under. Death-defying legend Evel Knievel becomes a man in a jam when crooks use his road show as a front to smuggle drugs. A stellar cast gives full-throttle support: Gene Kelly as a rummy bike mechanic, Red Buttons as a sleazy promoter, Leslie Nielsen as a murderous mobster and Lauren Hutton as a photographer who trades barbs - and hearts - with Evel. Throughout this high-speed adventure, Evel does things with a motorcycle that few - if any - can match, leaving pursuers in the dust...and breathless Viva Knievel! viewers in hog heaven.