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Unexpected Uncle (MOD)

Unexpected Uncle (MOD)

Unexpected Uncle (MOD)

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Mysterious Seton Mansley (Charles Coburn) is a man of leisure, idly whiling away the hours in Palm Beach, Florida. Prompted to play uncle to young lingerie clerk Kathleen Brown (Anne Shirley) - who was unfairly fired after millionaire playboy Johnny Kerrigan (James Craig) flirted with her in the store - Seton coerces her manager (an uncredited Hans Conried) into rehiring her by impersonating a member of the store's board. "Uncle" Seton then chaperones Kathleen through her budding romance with the flighty Johnny, who is on his annual work break. Kathleen soon learns that Johnny is hard to contain, and his wild ways ger her evicted...and accused of kidnapping! After Johnny straightens things out, he quickly sweeps Kathleen off her feet, flying them both out of Palm Beach for a stay at his Kerrigan City mansion. But when thing go wrong, Seton must intervene once again to save Kathleen. And this time, Seton must reveal the truth about himself.

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