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Two Girls on Broadway

Two Girls on Broadway

Two Girls on Broadway

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A remake of 1929's The Broadway Melody, Two Girls on Broadway follows the heart-tugging adventures of a dancer who loses both her shot at the big time and her stage-partner fianc� to her talented kid sister. The story may have been a bit familiar, but the actress playing the kid sister was not. Lana Turner was film land's newest sensation, the movie magazines' hot seller, the Blonde Bonfire breathlessly advertised as "Hollywood's glamour-plus girl." With old pros Joan Blondell and George Murphy playing the other sides of the show-biz triangle and production numbers set to catchy tunes, Two Girls on Broadway proved to be a fine vehicle for Turner, showcasing the new star's graceful dancing and unmistakable screen charisma.

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Actors: Lana Turner, Joan Blondell, George Murphy, Kent Taylor, Rich, Richard Lane, Wallace Ford, Lloyd Corrigan, Don Wilson,

Directors: S. Sylvan Simon,

Writers: Jerome Chodorov, Joseph Fields,

Genres: Comedy, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 4/19/1940,

Format: Made To Order DVD,