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Turn Back the Clock (MOD)

Turn Back the Clock (MOD)

Turn Back the Clock (MOD)

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Joe Gimlet, a Depression-era tobacconist, knows what he would do if he could start life over - go for the dough and all the power and prestige it brings. Surprisingly, Joe gets his chance to Turn Back the Clock. As Joe, Lee Tracy (Blessed Event, Bombshell) proves to be an able Everyman, plopped back in time with his knowledge of the future intact - much like Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankee. Famed newspaperman Ben Hecht co-scripts this tale of money and happiness that is by turns comical and cautionary, following Joe as he makes his fortune, amazes peers with his visionary sense of history, and finds jolting and unexpected consequences by abandoning the true love of his prior life. Once the clock has been turned back, can it be set aright? Included in the cast are Mae Clarke, Otto Kruger, and The Three Stooges in a brief uncredited appearance.


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