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Too Much, Too Soon (MOD)

Too Much, Too Soon (MOD)

Too Much, Too Soon (MOD)

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When Errol Flynn was a young movie idol, he became a crony of aging star John Barrymore, whose rich talent was ravaged by an excess of booze and life. Years later, Flynn leaped at the chance to portray his old friend in this riveting and cautionary 1958 film based on the biography by Barrymore's daughter Diana - and gave a triumphant performance that promised more dramatic greatness to come, if only Flynn hadn't died at just 50 the next year. Dorothy Malone co-stars as Diana, who yearns for her famous father's love. Barrymore tries, but is incapable of caring for or about himself, let alone his daughter.and Diana spirals into a vortex of failure and humiliation, too many drinks and too many men, all of it Too Much, Too Soon.

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Actors: Dorothy Malone, Errol Flynn, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Ray Danton, Neva Patterson, Martin Milner,

Directors: Art Napoleon,

Writers: Art Napoleon,

Genres: Biography, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 4/17/1958,

Format: MOD - SD,


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