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Too Many Girls (1940) (MOD)

Too Many Girls (1940) (MOD)

Too Many Girls (1940) (MOD)

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When spoiled heiress Connie Casey goes off to college, her father secretly sends along four Ivy League football stars as her bodyguards. In no time, they turn tiny Pottawatomie U into a gridiron powerhouse!

Fast-paced and infectiously funny, Too Many Girls is celebrated for its George Abbott-produced Broadway roots, its buoyant Rodgers and Hart score (including "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" and "You're Nearer"), and the movie debuts of three talents from the original stage version: Eddie Bracken, Van Johnson and Desi Arnaz. It's also where Desi met the film's leading lady, Lucille Ball, an encounter that threw them both for a romantic babaloop that changed Hollywood history. Their attraction adds extra zest to this exuberant Golden Age musical.

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