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The Todd Killings

Todd Killings, The

The Todd Killings

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Everyone likes Skipper (Robert F. Lyons). Guys like the way he fixes them up with girls. Girls like the attention he lavishes on them. And no one would ever think of telling the cops where Skipper's buried his victims. The Todd Killings is the harrowing, fact-based drama of a small-town murderer and the alienated kids who protect him. Lyons' excellence is matched by a supporting cast that includes award-winning veterans Edward Asner, Barbara Bel Geddes and Gloria Grahame. And just a year shy of beginning The Waltons, Richard Thomas shines as the tormented friend who finally points the finger at Skipper. Looking into the eye of a killer is a fearful thing. Even more so when he's the most popular youth in town. The Todd Killings will shock you.

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Actors: Robert F. Lyons, Gloria Grahame, Barbara Bel Geddes, Belinda Montgomery, Richard Thomas, Sherry Miles,

Directors: Barry Shear,

Writers: Dennis Murphy, Joel Oliansky,

Genres: Drama, Suspense,

Theatrical Release Date: 10/20/1971,

Format: MOD - SD,


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