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To Please a Lady / Jeopardy (MOD)

To Please a Lady / Jeopardy (MOD)

To Please a Lady / Jeopardy (MOD)

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Race-car driver Clark Gable is at the wheel, but journalist Barbara Stanwyck is in control as she exposes his fierce, speed-demon tactics in the revved-up star vehicle To Please a Lady. Racing sequences ranging from dirt-track events to the Indianapolis 500 set the pace for this high-octane romance featuring Gable at his manliest and Stanwyck at her savviest. A plunge through a rotted pier traps Stanwyck's husband (Barry Sullivan) in the sand in the race-against-time thriller Jeopardy. She seeks help, only to become the captive of an escaped con (Ralph Meeker). But the tide is creeping higher. Shadows grow longer. Only a woman of courage and wiles can come up with a way to free her husband. That woman is Barbara Stanwyck.

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