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Tiger Shark (1932) (MOD)

Tiger Shark (1932) (MOD)

Tiger Shark (1932) (MOD)

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Have you heard? Mike Mascarenhas (Edward G. Robinson), the blustery, socially awkward San Diego trawler captain with a hook for a left hand, is getting married. One problem: Mike's bride (Zita Johann) has eyes for Mike's crewman and friend (Richard Arlen). Tiger Shark's storyline of red-blooded workingmen in love with the same woman would surface again in Warner's Slim and Manpower. And before those three titles there was They Knew What They Wanted, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Sidney Howard play that reportedly provided a seed of inspiration for director Howard Hawks. Yet even more powerful than the durable tale of a love triangle are Tiger Shark's scenes of commercial fishing: the strikes, the reeling in, the dangers.the circling of voracious sharks.

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Actors: Edward G. Robinson, Richard Arlen, J. Carrol Naish, Zita Joh, Zita Johann, Leila Bennett, William Ricciardi,

Directors: Howard Hawks,

Writers: Houston Branch, Wells Root,

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 9/22/1932,

Format: Made To Order DVD,