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Tide of Empire (MOD)

Tide of Empire (MOD)

Tide of Empire (MOD)

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In the 1840s, California is a land of missions and ranchos, of Spanish grandees and winsome se�oritas. Then comes the Gold Rush - and with it comes the tide of empire as prospectors flood in, ignorant of the culture they destroy with their avarice. This history is the backdrop for a fast-paced story of handsome gold seeker Dermot D'Arcy, who wins a rancho in a horse race -- then tries to win the proud daughter of the former owner. She resists, so Dermot gallantly returns the deed and rides to the gold fields. But the two will meet again. A silent with synchronized sound, Tide of Empire is sagebrush heaven for Western fans, featuring gunplay, necktie parties, saloons, wisecracking sidekicks and the excitement of an untamed land.


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