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Three Men on a Horse (MOD)

Three Men on a Horse (MOD)

Three Men on a Horse (MOD)

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Comedian Frank McHugh and bombshell Joan Blondell star in this grand farce about a luckless writer with a knack for picking winners. Erwin Trowbridge (McHugh) is a greeting- card poet who daydreams by picking horses and keeping track of his imaginary winnings in a little black book. When his wife (Blondell) finds the book, she's sure the colorful names are aliases for Erwin's wide range of girlfriends. He's also in hot water at work, where his boss expects 50 Mother's Day greeting-card poems by noon. Erwin takes refuge in a nearby saloon, where he gives a tip to three small-time gamblers. They win big and, before he knows it, poor Erwin is at the track, racking up the score of a lifetime and heading into the home stretch a length and a laugh ahead of the pack!

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