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These Glamour Girls

These Glamour Girls

These Glamour Girls

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Jane Thomas (Lana Turner) has everything: beauty, youth, brains. Everything except breeding or what passes for breeding among the snooty mean girls she meets at a college house party. Radiant 18-year-old Turner was on the cusp of fame when she made this smart, perceptive comedy-drama about a dime-a-dancer invited to a swank soiree by a drunken college boy (who regrets his socially humiliating impulse once he sobers up). Jane can turn tail for home.or turn the tables on the arrogant upper crust. The stellar supporting cast includes Lew Ayres as her chagrined date, and Anita Louise, Jane Bryan, Marsha Hunt and Ann Rutherford among the debs and hangers-on whose lives may not be as magical as Jane imagines.