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The World According to Wonder Woman (Hardcover)

The World According to Wonder Woman (Hardcover)

The World According to Wonder Woman (Hardcover)

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As the demigod daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, Wonder Woman has been trained from birth as a Themysciran representative for the human world. In this exciting new addition to the Insight Legends series, Diana shares her unique perspective on the world, as both a fearless warrior and an ambassador of peace. Filled with insight on everything from growing up on Themyscira to being a member of the Justice League and becoming the God of War, The World According to Wonder Woman divulges all the information aspiring Super Heroes need to step into her boots. Also including special removable items such as a map of Themyscira, newspaper clippings reporting on Wonder Woman's exploits, Steve Trevor's incident reports, and a page from a Themysciran book illustrating the legend of Diana's birth, this fascinating look into Wonder Woman's life will delight fans of the Amazon princess.


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