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The Unsuspected (MOD)

The Unsuspected (MOD)

The Unsuspected (MOD)

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Tune in again, dear listeners. Same time, same spot on your radio dial for another cunning tale of murder. But something isn't the same about suave Victor Grandison, the host of the popular weekly program. He's secretly trying his own hand at murder. And he'll kill again if people don't get wise to him.

Claude Rains (Casablanca) plays the smooth, scheming radio star in a swanky film noir that includes Joan Caulfield (Monsieur Beaucaire) and noir icon Audrey Totter (The Set-Up). Casablanca's Michael Curtiz directs, layering the mystery with one enthralling visual flourish after another. An example: In a room inside the Peekskill Hotel, the portion of the flashing sign seen through a window says KILL.KILL.

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Actors: Claude Rains, Michael North, Joan Caulfield, Audrey Totter, Hurd Hatfield, Constance Bennett,

Directors: Michael Curtiz,

Writers: Bess Meredyth, Charlotte Armstrong, Ranald Macdougall,

Genres: Film-Noir,

Theatrical Release Date: 10/03/1947,

Format: Made To Order DVD,