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The Prime Minister (MOD)

The Prime Minister (MOD)

The Prime Minister (MOD)

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Bitterly opposed by the other side of the aisle, the British Prime Minister finds scant support even from his own party as he strives to protect his nation from dark forces growing in Europe. The parallels between Benjamin Disraeli and Winston Churchill were not lost on the creative executives at Warner Bros.' Teddington Studios in England, and The Prime Minister joined a long line of Warner films that served double duty as both fine entertainment and war effort. Legendary thespian John Gielgud plays the equally legendary Disraeli in this sweeping life drama that follows the politician's life from foppish novelist to revered statesman. And it all starts with a "meet cute," as the overly outfitted Disraeli crashes his bicycle contraption into the coach of the widowed Lady Mary Anne Wyndham Lewis (Diana Wynyard). Lady Mary Anne soon captures Dizzy's mind and heart, steering him from satire to service to savior of his nation.

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Actors: John Gielgud, Diana Wynyard,

Directors: Thorold Dickinson,

Genres: Biography, Drama,

Format: MOD - SD,


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