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The Man Who Found Himself (MOD)

The Man Who Found Himself (MOD)

The Man Who Found Himself (MOD)

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James Stanton (John Beal) was a legacy surgeon - the latest in a long line of society doctors. But his secret passion was planes, and no one, not even his hospital's board or his own father, was going to talk him out of his hobby. After a tragic accident tars Stanton with unjust scandal, he quits the medical profession and rides the rails as a hobo. Making his way to California, he meets up with Dick Miller (Philip Huston), an old flying friend, who offers Stanton a job at Roberts Aviation. Stanton agrees to be a mechanic, provided that Miller keeps his true identity a secret. Roberts Aviation has a soul-saving surprise in store for Stanton - a flying hospital plane staffed by the striking and sharp Doris King (Joan Fontaine, making her debut as a leading lady). The canny Doris sets about drawing Stanton out of his shell, but his twin flying and surgery talents grab the attention of a nosy reporter who uncovers Stanton's secret.

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