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The Lost Capone (MOD)

The Lost Capone (MOD)

The Lost Capone (MOD)

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After a vicious street brawl, young Al Capone (Eric Roberts, Runaway Train) lets his little brother Jimmy (Adrian Pasdar, Top Gun) believe he has killed a man. Jimmy, haunted by his conscience, leaves town. Three years later, prohibition has swept American and a law-abiding Jimmy, now known as Richard Hart, is appointed marshal in the small town of Homer, Nebraska, and has married Kathleen (Ally Sheedy, The Breakfast Club) while Al has become the boot-legging crime boss of Chicago. For Al, there isn't a lawman who can't be bribed or beaten into submission - until he reaches the marshal of Homer, Nebraska. Al puts a contract out on the marshal, also offering a reward for whomever finds his brother, unaware that the two are one. When they finally meet again, Al welcomes Johnny back into the family, but the reunion soon becomes a showdown. Neither lawman, nor lawbreaker will back down as the battle between good and evil becomes a brutal family feud that can end only in bloodshed.

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Genres: Crime, Telefilms,

Theatrical Release Date: 9/10/1990,

Format: MOD - SD,


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