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The Hot Heiress (1931) (MOD)

The Hot Heiress (1931) (MOD)

The Hot Heiress (1931) (MOD)


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Masters of the musical Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart contribute three songs to this lighthearted reverse-Cinderella romance. High atop a skeletal skyscraper under construction, riveters Bill Dugan (Tom Dugan) and Hap Harrigan (Ben Lyon) cry "Got ya!" while catching red-hot rivets and singing "Nobody Loves a Riveter (But His Mother)" when a sleeping beauty in a neighboring penthouse catches Hap's eye. Enraptured, Hap misses his "Got ya!" and a rivet crashes through the boudoir window, causing a fire. Racing to the rescue, Hap douses the flames while setting the heiress, Juliette Hunter (Ona Munson), aflame with desire. The practical-minded Hap sees no future in their cross-class romance, but Juliette is determined to land Hap as her man. First, however, she needs to break things off with her high-society fianc�, Clay (Walter Pidgeon). And Clay is determined to prove Hap an upstart lout.

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