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The FBI: The Complete Seventh Season

The FBI: The Complete Seventh Season

The FBI: The Complete Seventh Season

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As the Seventies came into its own, the intrepid agents of the FBI saw the Cold War and the Culture War cool down, but the domestic war on crime starts to come to a boil. Whether its suburban salesmen roiling with self-loathing who plan the perfect crime (Bradford Dillman, naturally) and don't care who they cross in the process (an ice-cold Clu Gulager), crushed lumber merchants with a fail-proof kidnap cache (John Colicos), or syndicate-raised hit-men with the heart of an angel (Martin Sheen, redeemed by Meg Foster), the intrepid professionals of the bureau, Inspector Erskine (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.), Special Agent Colby (William Reynolds) and Assistant Director Ward (Philip Abbott) have the savvy and the science to bring them all to heel. Among the dupes and deceivers found in this 6-Disc, 26-Episode collection are the famed and the-soon-to-be including Lindsay Wagner, Mark Hamill, Dabney Coleman, Stefanie Powers and Vic Tayback.

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