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The Cowboy Quarterback (1939) (MOD)

The Cowboy Quarterback (1939) (MOD)

The Cowboy Quarterback (1939) (MOD)

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When football scout Rusty Walker (William Demarest) signs Harry Lynn (Bert Wheeler), an all-star bush-league player from the backwoods of Montana, he makes it a package deal to include Harry's boss and object of adoration, Maizie Williams (Marie Wilson). While the Chicago Packers' coach, Hap Farrell (Charles Wilson), sees Harry's potential to become the greatest broken-field runner to hit the gridiron, he is less than sanguine about Maizie's meddling. Worried about Harry's focus when Maizie is sent back to Montana - where singing drugstore cowboy Handsome Sam (William Hopper) waits to woo her - Rusty and his fianc�e, Evelyn (Gloria Dickson), take Harry under their wing. But everything backfires when Harry falls for Evelyn and racks up a huge gambling debt with the mob. When they pressure him to throw the big game, Harry responds with fisticuffs and ends up in jail. Desperate, Rusty summons Maizie, unaware that Harry has sent her a "Dear Joan" letter.

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