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The Chastity Belt (1969) (MOD)

The Chastity Belt (1969) (MOD)

The Chastity Belt (1969) (MOD)


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This fast-paced medieval funfest centers on two headstrong characters: Gerrando (Tony Curtis), a stubborn feudal lord determined to bend a woman to his will, and Boccadoro (Monica Vitti), a spitfire who wants to bestow her ample favors out of love, not obedience. Gerrando, recently knighted, is ready to enjoy his new status which brings with it a castle, wealth and a new bride, when he is summoned back to the Crusades on his wedding night. Entrusting his bride's honor to noone - least of all herself - Gerrando outfits her with a chastity belt and sets out for the Holy Land. Boccadoro promptly pursues, and the guileless Gerrando believes she does it for love. In reality, she just wants the key to the chastity belt - a key that travels from hand to hand across the medieval landscape. Hugh Griffith costars as a Saracen sultan who has his own seductive plans, along with John Richardson. Celebrated comedy scribe Larry Gelbart contributes.

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