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The Centurions: The Original Miniseries

The Centurions: The Original Miniseries

The Centurions: The Original Miniseries

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"In the near future Doc Terror, and his cyborg companion, Hacker, unleash their forces to conquer Earth! Only one force can stop this evil: a handful of brave men. In specially created exoframes, they can be transported anywhere to fuse with incredible assault weapon systems, beamed down from the space station Skyvault, becoming man and machine, Power Xtreme! Max Ray, brilliant Sea Operations commander. Jake Rockwell, rugged Land Operations specialist. Ace McCloud, daring Air Operations expert. Whatever the challenge, they are ready-the Centurions!" Debuting as a 5 part mini-series, and enjoying contributions from three of the greatest action artists of the 20th Century - Doug Wildey, Gil Kane, and Jack Kirby - The Centurions promised to pack a punch - and it delivered! Get ready for mad machine action as 3 masters of land, sea, and air do battle with a mad inventor for the fate of a planet.

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Genres: Action, Animation, Childrens, Science Fiction,

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