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The Bowery Boys: Volume Two (MOD)

The Bowery Boys: Volume Two (MOD)

The Bowery Boys: Volume Two (MOD)

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Slip (Leo Gorcey), Sach (Huntz Hall) and the rest of the gang return for a second-helping of laughter and thrills as The Bowery Boys tackle mad scientists, mobsters, monsters and more in 12 of their funniest adventures. Beginning their careers as Dead End Kids, Gorcey and Hall went on to star in over a dozen programmers as members of the East Side Kids before they and producer Jan Grippo renamed the franchise The Bowery Boys and revamped it into a comedy series that lasted through 48 films. Featuring scripts by former Three Stooges' scribes Elwood Ullman and Edward Bernds plus on-screen support by cult favorites Allen Jenkins, Douglas Dumbrille, Amanda Blake (Gunsmoke) and Tom Neal (Detour), The Bowery Boys: Volume Two presents more of the best from the longest feature-film series in history.

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