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The Adventures of One eskimO (MOD)

The Adventures of One eskimO (MOD)

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"I'm on my way." An Eskimo lad places a note into a bottle and sends it on its watery way before setting out to find Little Feather, his lifelong love who has been kidnapped by dark forces. His glorious quest will send him into an amazing realm where one can pocket a star, soar aloft in an armchair, ride to the rescue in an ice cream truck, defy danger, conquer evil, reclaim love. And discover a cutting-edge experience from the emerging UK-based indie band One eskimO. The concept album comes of age [digitally] with this imaginative breakthrough, a 10-Chapter Visual Album that combines the band's catchy, electro-laced pop with playful and eventful animated storytelling. Venture into The Adventures of One eskimO.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Animated,

Format: Made To Order DVD,