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Terror on a Train (MOD)

Terror on a Train (MOD)

Terror on a Train (MOD)


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A man leaps from a moving freight train carrying military explosives and hugs the ground as the rest of the train rolls past. His terrorist mission is almost complete, awaiting only the ignition of the timing device he placed somewhere amid the hazardous cargo. Authorities, alerted to the saboteur's plot, divert the train to a siding, initiate emergency evacuations of the surrounding area and call on bomb disposal expert Peter Lyncort to find the time fuse and disable it - a perilous task that will unexpectedly grow more dangerous. Three months before he starred in the film noir favorite The Big Heat, Glenn Ford portrayed UXB specialist Lyncort in this race-against-time suspense thriller ramped with tension by Ted Tetzlaff, the cinematographer-turned-director who helmed the cult gem The Window and whose prestigious list of photographic credits includes My Man Godfrey, The Enchanted Cottage and Notorious.


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