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Tender Trap (1955) (MOD)

Tender Trap (1955) (MOD)

Tender Trap (1955) (MOD)

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The future is no mystery to Julie Gillis. She has her life mapped out in details that fall just shy of where the wedding portrait will hang and the number of goldfish swimming in the bowl. Julie even knows she'll be married next March 12. She just doesn't know to whom. But it's a cinch he'll have blue eyes.

Frank Sinatra headlines this ring-a-ding-ding delight with the title tune that became a Sinatra standard. Debbie Reynolds plays Julie, who sets her marital sights on a Manhattan talent agent (Sinatra) dedicated to life, liberty and the happiness of pursuit. Love is indeed The Tender Trap. And with Sinatra, Reynolds and comedy experts Celeste Holm, David Wayne and Carolyn Jones on call, it's an entertainment gotcha!