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Tender Comrade (1943) (MOD)

Tender Comrade (1943) (MOD)

Tender Comrade (1943) (MOD)


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Their husbands are thousands of miles away from home, risking their lives to defend their country. And now, five ordinary housewives must band together to combat the loneliness, fear and temptation that the world war has brought into their lives. Ginger Rogers gives a sensitive, strong and poignant performance as Jo, the outspoken leader of five "war widows" who decide to live together in Los Angeles until their husbands return. Trying to run the house, Jo struggles to keep up the women's morale and, in some cases, to keep them away from other men. Jo is a model of optimism and courage, even when the war tests her beyond all limits. Robert Ryan, Kim Hunter, Ruth Hussey, Mady Christians and Patricia Collinge costar in this moving wartime drama from writer Dalton Trumbo (Spartacus) and director Edward Dmytryk (The Caine Mutiny).


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