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Telefon (1977) (MOD)

Telefon (1977) (MOD)

Telefon (1977) (MOD)


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The Cold War gets hot as master of action-violence Don Siegel (Dirty Harry) presents Telefon, a thriller of international intrigue. Telefon (KGB codename for a chilling Soviet plan to blow key U.S. military targets clear off the map) stars Charles Bronson, Lee Remick and Donald Pleasence as hard-nosed players in a hot/cold game of spy vs. spy.

Hatched years ago during the icy Stalin era, the scheme enlists 50 top Soviet agents - drugged, hypnotized and planted across America - for a mission to destroy. Fifty agents so secret, they themselves don't know that they're programmed to blow! The plan had been officially scrapped, but now someone is triggering the explosions, and the Soviets must stop him dead.

Charles Bronson is the one man able to head off nuclear collision, with the aid of his beautiful KGB colleague (Remick). Shot through with adrenaline, Telefon is fast and explosive...and ringing with tension.


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