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Tarzan and the Great River (MOD)

Tarzan and the Great River (MOD)

Tarzan and the Great River (MOD)

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An ancient killer cult lives.and many people die! Under the leadership of charismatic Bacuna (Rafer Johnson), the murderous tribe has resurfaced, pillaging Amazon River villages, kidnapping inhabitants and enslaving them at Bacuna's secret enclave. Can Tarzan stop this relentless reign of terror? As in his previous Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, Mike Henry plays the role of a re-imagined Tarzan who is similar to a globe-trotting superspy and equally at ease in a suit or loincloth. Sidekick chimp Cheetah joins the adventure (filmed in scenic Brazil), as does a companion lion named Baron. Not to be missed is the mano-a-mano finale between ex-NFL linebacker Henry and Olympic decathlon champ Johnson. Savor this clash of titans!

Product Details

Actors: Mike Henry, Jan Murray, Manuel Padilla Jr., Rafer Johnson, Diana Millay, Paulo Gracindo,

Directors: Robert Day,

Writers: Bob Barbash, Lewis Reed,

Genres: Action,

Theatrical Release Date: 9/01/1967,

Format: MOD - SD,


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