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Tarzan's Hidden Jungle

Tarzan's Hidden Jungle

Tarzan's Hidden Jungle

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Posing as a film crew, a team of illegal hunters enters the teeming animal sanctuary of the Sukulu tribe. Their plan: drive the elephants, rhinos and lions out of the sacred land and slaughter them for their hides.

When we first meet the Ape-Man in Tarzan's Hidden Jungle, he's swimming in the river - a fitting introduction for Gordon Scott, the muscular new screen Tarzan who was discovered while working as a lifeguard at a Las Vegas resort. Zippy, a favorite on numerous '50s TV shows, portrays Cheetah. And the sense of jungle love you may detect between Scott and co-star Vera Miles is the real deal. They became an off-screen Mr. and Mrs.

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Actors: Gordon Scott, Vera Miles, Peter Van Eyck, Jack Elam, Charles Fredericks, Richard Reeves,

Directors: Harold Schuster,

Writers: Edgar Rice Burroughs, William Lively,

Genres: Action,

Theatrical Release Date: 2/16/1955,

Format: MOD - SD,


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