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Tarzan's Fight For Life

Tarzan's Fight For Life

Tarzan's Fight For Life

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If you can't beat them, steal from them! Knowing he cannot heal his tribe's ailing boy chief, a witch doctor steals from a jungle medical center.and mistakenly grabs a bottle of poison. The same tribal medicine man, resentful of Tarzan, hypnotizes an underling and sends him on a mission: kill Jane. It's Tarzan's turn for peril when he's captured by the witch doctor's minions: they need the heart of a lion for a tribal ceremony, but wouldn't the heart of the Lord of the Apes be even better? Gordon Scott stars as the Ape-Man in a filmed-in-color adventure that includes the same Jane (Even Brent) and Boy (Rickie Sorensen) from Tarzan and the Trappers. Woody Strode (Spartacus) plays the witch doctor's muscular henchman.

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Actors: Gordon Scott, Evelyn Brent, Rickie Sorenson, Jil Jarmyn, Jam, James Edwards, Carl Benton Reid,

Directors: H. Bruce Humberstone,

Writers: Edgar Rice Burroughs,

Genres: Action,

Theatrical Release Date: 7/01/1958,

Format: Made To Order DVD,