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Tale of The Navajos

Tale of The Navajos

Tale of The Navajos

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A severe drought threatens Navajo herdsmen living on the parched 1949 Utah-Arizona border. But two intrepid friends - one Navajo, one the son of a white trader - hear of hidden pastureland offering abundant water somewhere beyond the red cliffs. So they set off to find it in an adventure that will demand plenty of trail smarts from the two young heroes, all the while bringing them and viewers to a fuller understanding of mystical Navajo links to the natural world. The film's eye-dazzling vistas match the adventure. Settings for this narrated, 52-minute Technicolor® movie include the spectacular spires and canyons of what Western fans know as John Ford Country: Monument Valley, lensed in nine Ford films.

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Writers: Harry Chandlee,

Genres: Documentary,

Format: MOD - SD,


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