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Sweet Revenge (MOD)

Sweet Revenge (MOD)

Sweet Revenge (MOD)

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Her name is Vurrla, but she prefers Dandy. Or Jennifer. Or Susan. Or any of the identities she takes on during her spree of stealing cars, arranging new documentation for them, selling them - and then sometimes stealing the same car again. Her intent is to take the cash from her thievery and use it to buy her dream mobile: a Dino Ferrari. Why not steal the Ferrari? Well, Dandy is nobody's fool. She knows a rare, limited-production car like the Dino can be easily traced. Stockard Channing is hot-wired to a dream as Vurrla, one of the most unusual characters she's portrayed in a richly varied career that includes prominent roles in Grease and The West Wing. Sam Waterston, who would become one of the mainstays in Law & Order, plays the public defender who takes a special interest in the headstrong auto thief. And Deadwood's Franklin Ajaye plays her can-do accomplice. Lock the car in the garage - Vurrla's in town.

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