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Sweet Kitty Bellairs (MOD)

Sweet Kitty Bellairs (MOD)

Sweet Kitty Bellairs (MOD)

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In 1793, Kitty Bellairs rides into the English seaside resort of Bath.and into a whirlwind of romance with a bashful lord and a dashing highwayman. Add duels, disguises, a kidnapping, a jealous husband, a bounty of saucy tunes and a confectioner's shop of white powdered wigs and Kitty has all the adventure a pretty and flirtatious miss could hope for. Claudia Dell (the model for the first Columbia Pictures logo) and Walter Pidgeon headline this frothy operetta. Originally shot in color, Sweet Kitty Bellairs now exists only in black and white, relying on its sparkling cast, story and songs for vividness. Tally Ho! for stylish Early Talkie Era fun.

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Genres: Comedy, Musical,

Theatrical Release Date: 8/09/1930,

Format: MOD - SD,


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