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Sweet Hostage (1975/TV )

Sweet Hostage (1975/TV )

Sweet Hostage (1975/TV )

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Stranded when her truck breaks down, 17-year-old Doris Mae (Linda Blair) accepts a ride from Leonard Hatch (Martin Sheen), unaware he's an escaped mental patient. Held against her will, Doris Mae is taken to Leonard's ramshackle hideout, a cabin nestled deep within the woods. Frightened at first, she soon finds her captor to be a kind and caring soul. So with time running out and the police closing in, Doris Mae must make a decision: return to her safe existence or run off with a misunderstood man. A 1976 Golden Globe® nominee as Best Television Movie, Sweet Hostage is an unforgettable tale of passion and fate, adapted from Nathaniel Benchley's acclaimed novel Welcome to Xanadu. It's also an invigorating showcase for the blazing talents of Blair (fresh off The Exorcist) and Sheen (soon after Badlands).

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