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Sweepstakes Winner (1939) (MOD)

Sweepstakes Winner (1939) (MOD)

Sweepstakes Winner (1939) (MOD)

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A naive young woman named Jennie Jones (Marie Wilson) has a $1,000 inheritance and instructions from her grandfather to purchase a racehorse named Firefly, the direct lineage to a prize racehorse Jennie's grandfather raised. Unfamiliar with the racing world, Jennie counts on a pair of broke, scheming bookies - "Tip" Bailey (Allen Jenkins) and "Jinx" Donovan (Charley Foy) - for help. Tip and Jinx are long on schemes but short on sense and lose Jennie's money while betting on a sure thing. After Jennie gets a job waitressing for a smitten Mark Downey (Johnnie Davis), Tip and Jinx sell her a lottery ticket to settle a check. But once the ticket turns out to be a winner and Jennie becomes wealthy, Tip and Jinx arrange for her to purchase broken-down Firefly at an inflated price, only to discover they've sold her another winner!

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